You Can Earn Staking Rewards For Saving The Planet With IMPT

Currently, the crypto market is flooded with tokens that offer staking options, but their unique selling points often fail to impress. These tokens tend to be quite similar to one another, offering almost identical rewards.

However, IMPT (IMPT) stands out when it comes to rewarding holders for several compelling reasons. In this discussion, we explore these reasons in detail.

Enter An Ecosystem That Has Members Like Nike, Netflix, and Samsung

IMPT’s mission is crystal clear and perfectly encapsulated in its tagline, “The Planet’s Loyalty Programme.” The project has a well-thought-out and realistic plan to achieve its purpose, making it stand out in the crypto space.

At the core of the ecosystem lies the IMPT token, playing a crucial role in the shopping app, the carbon credits mechanism, and the loyalty and staking program, which we’ll explore further shortly.

IMPT’s success is primarily attributed to its unwavering focus on eco-friendly initiatives and features. The team has developed a comprehensive platform that brings together individuals, businesses, and brands, incentivizing them to reduce their carbon footprint.

IMPT has garnered support from renowned brands like Nike, UnderArmour, Samsung, Macy’s, Netflix, Visa, Westside, Nokia, Fiverr, Puma, HP, Sephora, AliExpress, and many more.

The platform offers stakeholders various ways to decrease their carbon footprint. Through a shopping platform, brands and individuals interact, and carbon credits can be obtained.

Brands have the option to allocate a portion of their sales margin to support this cause. Each carbon credit represents 1 ton of carbon output. By retiring their carbon credits, stakeholders receive NFTs that can be traded on NFT marketplaces, serving as a commemorative reminder of their positive impact.

Furthermore, stakeholders have the valuable opportunity to contribute to a plethora of environmental projects that will undergo thorough vetting and adhere to Global Certification Protocols. These projects span a wide range, including biomass, forest protection, and bio-based construction initiatives across different regions of the world.

Another noteworthy aspect of IMPT is its robust plan for expanding its ecosystem and community. The global rollout network is strategically focused on establishing area and country-wide networks, eventually coming together to form a cohesive global network.

The operational approach involves retail stores downloading the app, agreeing upon commissions with the respective country parts, IMPT invoicing the stores monthly, and ultimately transferring 2% of the total shopping commission to the country partner.

At present, IMPT boasts a collaboration with over 10,000 of the world’s leading retailers, with a long-term vision of reaching 2 billion individual projects. When combined with the ongoing expansion of the ecosystem and the growing trend towards green technology and projects, the potential for success becomes undeniable.

You Earn Staking Rewards For Saving The Planet

IMPT’s prominence crypto staking coins can be attributed to several compelling reasons.

  • Firstly, the token is driven by a noble cause, allowing users to make a positive impact on the environment by supporting various environmental projects.
  • Secondly, IMPT offers an enticing yield mechanism through its multi-tiered staking program, providing rewarding incentives to participants.
  • Another significant factor is the unique opportunity to burn carbon credits and receive a collectible NFT in return, tradable on the marketplace. These carbon credits NFTs can also serve as valuable investment assets.

Delving further into IMPT’s loyalty member staking program, it comprises three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To participate in the Silver tier, users need a minimum of 50,000 IMPT tokens for a minimum staking period of 6 months.

The Gold tier requires 150,000 IMPT tokens for a staking period of up to 12 months and is limited to 2,000 members. Lastly, the Platinum tier necessitates 300,000 IMPT tokens for a staking period of up to 12 months, with membership limited to 1,000 members.

The Silver membership offers a 10% APY on pool DeFi staking, while the Gold membership provides a higher 12% APY, and the Platinum membership stands at an impressive 17% APY. Additionally, Gold members receive 1 free carbon credit every 4 months, while Platinum members enjoy a more frequent reward of 1 free carbon credit each month. Moreover, Platinum members receive 100% of the earned commission.

If IMPT has piqued your interest, you can find the token listed on various exchanges such as Uniswap, LBank, Gate, Bitmart, and Coinstore. Be sure to explore these platforms for further information about the project and its offerings.


IMPT genuinely contributes to a greater cause while offering rewards. The project’s loyalty programme for the world takes precedence over the attractive rewards it provides.

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