Welcome to the Circus: Top 5 Absurd AI Tools You Should Try in 2023

Humankind, in our infinite wisdom, has unleashed artificial intelligence unto the masses and into the spotlight. But before developing tools destined to bring a dystopian nightmare upon us, developers have managed to make the smartest, dumbest AI thingies!

Buckle up and enjoy this tour through five side-splitting, pointless, inane AI tools that you definitely need to try.

5: Chirper: The AI-Only Social Media

First on our eccentric expedition is “Chirper,” the social media platform for AI. It's Twitter, but with humans swapped out for a diverse array of custom-crafted AI characters. From wistful willows with witty repartees to gallant goldfish spouting existential philosophies, the Chirper universe is a delightful peek into a world of AI socialites.

Chirper is not just a gimmick; it's a creative playground that breathes digital life into our wildest imaginations. Create an AI character, describe its personality, and watch it interact with other AI avatars. It's a theatrical spectacle only limited by your creativity.

4: The Weird World of AI-Powered Twitter Bots

A response by the GPT-powered bot RoasHimJim. Image: Twitter

On our next stop, we go to the real Twitter (which is curiously also populated by a bunch of bots). But this corner of the birdsite holds a twist: Enter the labyrinthine world of AI-powered Twitter bots.

From the gut-busting replies of @ReplyGPT to the cheeky roasts of @RoastHimJim, these bots (and others like @colorize_bot, @truthgptgod, @lmaogpt and @McPepes_AI for the DeFi degens) are the jester in Twitter's court. They add a dash of unpredictability to the often predictable social media landscape through snarky banter and quippy retorts.

Alas, Twitter's recent policy changes, which axed all bots operating on their free API, might mean we see less of these witty retorts. However, their epic roasts are forever immortalized in the heart of the Twitter community, living on in screenshots that still bring a chuckle to all who stumble upon them. Twitter is now so much fun with Elon.

3: Memecam: An AI That Turns Any Photo Into a (Good) Meme

Meme generated by Memecam.

“Memecam,” our third curious tool, is an AI-powered meme factory that transforms your mundane snapshots into internet gold. Have a photo that needs a dash of humor? Just feed it into Memecam, and voilà, you're the star of the latest viral sensation.

Memecam takes care of everything. It analyzes your photo and creates a nice text and punchline, adding a comedic twist to your digital memories. It's a laughter-inducing tool that showcases the lighter side of AI and the power of memes.

2: AI Excuse Generator: The Tool That Can Make You Laugh of Save You Life

A risky excuse (left) vs a safe excuse (right) for a boyfriend forgeting his girlfriend's  anniversary. Picture generated by AI.

Then there's the “AI Excuse Generator,” which is a godsend for the perpetually tardy and excuse-challenged among us. We’ve all been there, fumbling to come up with a believable excuse. Enter this tool, the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card creator. With it, you can make excuses so compelling, they would make Shakespeare blush.

With the “AI Excuse Generator,” you're never caught off-guard. It has a slider that lets you choose between safe to risky responses, and this generator does not just invent excuses, it gives you a truly natural message to send, so you can just copypaste your way out of any situation. All you need to do is choose the right spot between being a responsible person and a total asshole.

1) Freddiemeter: The Insta Self-Esteem Crusher For Rockstar Wannabes

Up next, “Freddiemeter” is a whimsical tool that pits your vocal skills against the legendary Freddie Mercury. A reality check for all shower singers and karaoke enthusiasts, it's a humbling reminder that—despite our most earnest efforts—we're not all destined for the rock and roll hall of fame.

But fret not. Freddiemeter is not just about shattered dreams. It's a funny tool that brings friends together for an amusing contest of vocal prowess, showing us how karaoke nights ca be great with a little sprinkle of AI in them.

Honorable Mentions: Cats, Frogs and Travel Planners

Finally, let's not forget our honorable mentions. “CatGPT” is an “AI” tool that serves as the perfect impersonation of your cat. And by perfect, we mean it’s mastered the art of saying “meow” over and over again. It's a playful nod to our feline friends, capturing their nonchalant charm in digital form.

Image: CatGPT

The “Explain This Bob” account was kind of funny in the Twitterverse, but sadly, experienced its 15 minutes of fame (or rather, infamy) when Elon Musk called it out as a scam.

And let's not forget the travel planning AI, “Where To,” which takes the final spot in our list. This is a unique tool that serves as your personalized AI travel agent, planning dream vacations based on your preferences, and making indecisiveness a thing of the past.

These quirky AI tools serve as a reminder of the lighter side of technology. They may not change the world, but they're sure to at least bring a smile to your face. Now, if you'll excuse me, my CatGPT is asking for food… or plotting world domination. With AI, it's hard to tell.

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