Web3 Security Infrastructure GoPlus Security Reaches Strategic Deal with Dtools

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Web3 security startup GoPlus Security has partnered with Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tool Dtools to provide comprehensive security data support for its newly launched token security detection function.

Web3 Security Infrastructure GoPlus Security Reaches Strategic Deal with Dtools

GoPlus Security is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users.

The partnership plans to strengthen the platform’s Web3 “security infrastructure.”

Users can easily perform Token security detection through multiple portals on Dtools, which will enhance the security of the products and services provided while avoiding potential risks in the investment process, and establishing a trust level in the cryptocurrency market to make users’ assets more secure.

In addition to the Token security detection API, GoPlus Security has also launched a malicious address library API, NFT security detection API, risk authorization detection API, dApp security information API, etc., to protect Web3 security from multiple scenarios and perspectives.

In April 2022, Web3 security infrastructure startup GoPlus Security raised millions of dollars in private financing from multiple chain entities, including prominent investors like Crypto.com Capital, Huobi Incubator, and others.

This time, Dtools and GoPlus Security have reached cooperation in security data, and will jointly explore user needs in more usage scenarios and pursue deeper cooperation.

On August 11, GoPlus Security announced that it will reach strategic cooperation with the hardware wallet Keystone to export security detection services to Keystone.

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