We Asked ChatGPT if Bitcoin Will Enter a Massive Bull Run in 2024


  • Bitcoin kicked off 2024 on a high note, achieving a record high over $73,500, though it later dipped to around $63,000. A new bull run may hinge on factors like technological advances, adoption rates, and global events.
  • Key influences on BTC’s future price include potential changes in the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies and the outcome of Ripple’s lawsuit against the SEC, both of which could significantly impact investor sentiment and market dynamics.

The Overall Conditions

Bitcoin (BTC) started 2024 on the right foot, seeing its price gradually rising in the first quarter and even hitting a new all-time high of over $73,500 in mid-March. However, the past two months have not been that successful, with the asset briefly plunging below the $60K mark and currently trading at around $63,000 (per CoinGecko’s data).

BTC Price
BTC Price, Source: CoinGecko

As such, we decided to ask ChatGPT whether a new bull run is on the horizon this year. The AI-powered chatbot claimed that predicting Bitcoin’s price behavior is quite speculative and depends on several factors. 

It assumed that a new bull run may be triggered by technological developments, increased adoption, positive investor sentiment, public interest, geopolitical events, and whatnot. 

Diving Into Detail

Besides the aforementioned factors, ChatGPT touched upon two particular elements that could trigger a BTC price resurgence: actions coming from the US Federal Reserve and the outcome of the lawsuit between Ripple and the US SEC. 

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s central bank launched an aggressive anti-inflationary policy to decrease the inflation rate in the world’s largest economy. It introduced multiple rate hikes, which might have halted investments in riskier assets such as cryptocurrencies.

However, there are some indications that the Fed may pivot from that regime later this year, a move that many BTC bulls hope for.

“Lowering interest rates can stimulate the flow of money into Bitcoin by altering investor behavior, adjusting risk appetites. These factors combined can contribute to upward movements in Bitcoin’s price,” ChatGPT estimated.

Furthermore, a decisive triumph for Ripple in its legal case against the SEC may fuel an overall revival for the cryptocurrency market. The companies entered into a trial phase last month, and according to some, Ripple has a better chance to emerge victorious due to the three partial court wins secured throughout 2023.

“A win for Ripple might be seen as a defeat for potential overreach by regulatory bodies like the SEC, boosting investor confidence in the resilience of major cryptocurrencies against regulatory challenges. This could encourage both retail and institutional investors to increase their stakes in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin,” the chatbot concluded.






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