New Trading Bot Offers $1200/Day Profits (SCAM ALERT!)

New Trading Bot Offers $1200/Day Profits (SCAM ALERT!)

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Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ’s)

Can trading bots be trusted?

Answer: Bot trading crypto is fully legal and so are bots. Trading bots are technical and have been tried and tested in stock and forex markets. However, not all brokers – including crypto trading brokers – allow the use of bots.

Is trading bot free?

Pionex provides 16 free trading bots for retail investors. The trading fee is the lowest compared to most of the major exchanges. The trading fee is 0.05% for the maker and taker. Grid Trading Bot allows users to buy low and sell high in a specific price range.

Is AI trading profitable?

AI Robots provide a decent portfolio return with excellent winning rates and profit factors. AI Real-Time Patterns are excellent for day trading and swing trading.

Will AI end the stock market?

Not only are machines incapable of predicting a black swan event, but, in reality, they are more likely to cause one, as traders found out the hard way during the 2010 flash crash when an algorithmic computer malfunction caused a temporary market meltdown. Ultimately, A.I is doomed to fail at stock market prediction.

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