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Cardano Blockchain to Stimulate Authenticity and Quality of Georgian Wine

To boost Georgia‚Äôs global reputation as a leading wine producer, the Cardano Foundation has partnered with the nation‚Äôs wine agency to create a public and flexible trace solution powered by […]

Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Speculated to Generate $766.2m in Revenue by 2030

The blockchain in the manufacturing market is expected to render revenue worth $766.2 million in 2030, according to Verified Market Research.¬† With a market value of $40 million set in […]

HIVE Blockchain Exploring GPU Mineable Coins Ahead of Ethereum Merge

Crypto mining firm HIVE Blockchain acknowledged the potential Ethereum “Merge” to the Proof of Stake mechanism¬†on Tuesday in an update on its mining production for the month of August. According […]

Nigeria Negioates with Binance for Developing Blockchain Hub for Digital Economic Growth

Nigeria and crypto exchange Binance are in talks to establish a digital hub like the Dubai virtual free zone to propel blockchain growth in the country, according to the Nigeria […]