Shiba Memu is a solid meme competitor

  • Shiba Memu is a self-marketing crypto project powered by AI

  • The entry in Shiba Memu happens Dogecoin is speculated for use in Twitter payments

  • The potential for Shiba Memu is huge due to the twin capabilities brought by AI and blockchain

Will Dogecoin (DOGE) finally be used as a form of payment on Twitter? Well, the speculations are back again, but before we get to it, Shiba Memu (SHMU) could be the ultimate meme you would like to explore. Combining AI and blockchain, Shiba Memu could be a time-ticking meme token waiting to explode and swallow its predecessors. The token is on presale and selling fast.

Speculations of Dogecoin use in Twitter payments are back!

This is an old story that redeems itself every day. Twitter owner Elon Musk has vehemently toyed with the idea of Dogecoin as the payment medium on Twitter. While sceptics might want to give up on Musk’s theatrics, the billionaire investor isn’t giving up any time soon.

Recently, Musk updated his Twitter bio with the Dogecoin (Ɖ) symbol, raising speculations over the longstanding question. The move was consequential as DOGE rose by double-digits. The meme token has now eclipsed Cardano by market cap. 

The gains in DOGE are not new. Meme cryptocurrencies have risen by more than four-digit percentages at the slightest of positive speculation. They have, in turn, generated enormous and quick bucks for investors able to capitalise on positive developments. Shiba Memu is positioned to ride the AI frenzy and become among the most sought meme cryptocurrencies.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme crypto project that markets itself. The project will use AI-based software to write its own PR and self-promote on social networks. Shiba Memu can also learn from successful marketing strategies to improve its creative advertising.

Being AI-powered also means that Shiba Memu can work 24/7. It can crawl the web all day and night and find the best ideas in creative advertising. The Shiba Memu team believes this capability will enable it to perform the work of 100 marketing agencies combined. 

As such, Shiba Memu is made to be self-sustainable. It can deliver a unique investment opportunity beyond a meme label. In the future, the aim is to make Shiba Memu more intelligent and powerful.

What is the market potential of Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu carries a lot of potential owing to the popularity of the meme token market. The total value of the meme market was $20 billion in early 2022, up from $0 in early 2020. 

But Shiba Memu isn’t your usual meme cryptocurrency. The token enters the scene when AI is the hottest thing in fintech. Times have shown what AI can do, and Shiba Memu capitalises on this trend. 

With the meme sector still recovering from a prolonged crypto winter, Shiba Memu could be a game-changer. It allows investors to bet on a token with huge price potential and benefit from the first-mover advantages.

 Is Shiba Memu a 10x investment?

Meme cryptocurrencies are an exciting asset class. The price movements can be wild, which positions Shiba Memu for potential sky-high prices. A price increase of 1,000% is just an underestimation, as we have seen meme tokens rise by bigger percentages. 

With the enthusiasm that Shiba Memu is generating, investors should consider it a more than 10x investment. A price jump could be unstoppable once a FOMO around the cryptocurrency kicks in. 

Shiba Memu’s unique presale

The Shiba Memu presale is unique and is happening fast. It will be an eight-week presale and will end with as much amount that is raised. 

The second thing is that the price of SHMU increases daily at 6 PM GMT. That means you spend less buying now than 24 hours later. By the time the presale ends, the token’s value will have doubled to $0.0244 from the initial price of $0.011125.

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