Review of Hyper NFT 2022: Is it a Scam or Legit Business?

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NFT technology is developing quickly, and no one wants to miss this chance. Users are eager to learn more about the NFT market. I recently learned about Supercar NFT, often known as Hyper NFT.

This article will discuss the well-known “Hyper NFT.” Here, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about Hyper NFT, including its originator. What Hyper NFT does and what its present offers are.

Describe – What is Hyper NFT?

Supercar collectors started the Hyper NFT initiative, which will provide its audience the option to amass digital assets related to the luxury vehicle sector. Under the banner of the “Money can’t buy” initiative, Hyper NFT will serve as a blockchain bridge enabling reluctant users to utilize their assets in the metaverse by providing their collectors with a tangible experience.

The primary supercar NFT R-01 model for REVV racing was acquired for $100,000. There are many vehicle aficionados, therefore many love to buy its NFTs.

Furthermore, Hyper NFT collectors will get to go to supercar workshops, showrooms, motor events, road shows, exclusive events, and actual driving experiences.

What exactly is Hyper NFT?

Thomas Gavache launched the Hyper NFT blockchain technology. The primary goal of this project is to introduce supercars into the metaverse. The R-01 model by hyper NFT was sold for $100,000 in the blockchain gaming business in the REVV racing game.

Essentially, the goal of this project is to use NFTs to introduce supercars into the metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

it would be that the metaverse is the visual representation of the internet or the internet in 3D. Any environment that is simulated digitally, i.e. with AR (augmented facts) or VR (virtual reality) is classed as being in the metaverse. 

The word metaverse guides the idea of a reality that is an extension of the material world (the world we all experience).

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology requires us to think a little differently than the metaverse. The most reasonable way to think about blockchain technology is to imagine a digital catalog that contains a series of transactions. These transactions are maintained by a network of computers that make up the blockchain. 

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Blockchain technology makes it unattainable to hack this digital ledger. Because of this, it is a secure way for people to deal directly with each other. 

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party, such as a bank or government. It also eliminates the need for inherent trust between the individuals dealing with each other, as the system cannot be cheated by either party.

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Owner and CEO of Hyper NFT

Thomas Gavache is the owner and CEO of Hyper NFT. He is the project’s creator, and his tiny team assisted in the creation of this platform.

Real name and Hyper NFT face reveal

Many users wanted to know who was behind the project when it was new. So, Thomas Gavache is HyperNft’s true name and face.

The Hyper NFT Market

The official link for their marketplace is, although it is still under construction. They are now selling NFTs through events.
In the blockchain gaming sector, the R-01 model from hyper NFT was sold for $100,000 in the REVV racing game. As a result, there is a lot of potential for this business in the future. – Unverified by Us

Hyper NFT earnings

Many customers frequently inquire about Hyper NFT’s net worth, yet there is no information available. If there is an update, we’ll attempt to post it here.

The Hyper NFT Experience or Collection

Due to offline event-based promotion, no official information about their collections is currently accessible. Therefore, we have included below the advantages or experiences members may have with NFTs.

Review of Hyper NFT 2022: Is it a Scam or Legit Business?

If you discover any updates in the future, please inform us in the comment area.

NFAST hypercars: what are they?

A special automotive collection designed for the metaverse is called NFAST. These automobiles are included in the blockchain-based racing game REVV and are owned by their rightful owners.

What will the future of NFST hypercars look like?

The Hyper NFT Future Looks good as more and more investors pour money into this business. Additionally, developers are working on adding a slew of additional features to this project, including:

  • Collectors may enjoy viewing their hypercar in high definition.
  • Collectors may compete and gain points.
  • Collectors may show their friends their super NFT.

Hyper NFT Events

The official events of hypercars NFTs are listed here.

  • Formula Drift – Watch Team Karnage smash tires in the Hyper-NFT viper during the 2022 drifting season. Tickets for this NFT may be purchased on the official website.
  • Monterey Car Week – The finest week of the year is Monterey Car Week! Visit us now to see what’s in store for this week. On August 21, 2022, this event will take place. Tickets will be available for purchase as soon as they become available.
  • The Speed Fest – A racetrack and a highway are two of the three different kinds of tracks. These vehicles will break existing global speed records. Speed Fest by Hyper-NFT. The date for this event is August 21, 2022. As soon as tickets become available, you may order them. The dates of this event are 3-6 November 2022. As soon as tickets are on sale, you may order them.
  • Museum – Our cutting-edge museum, which has one of the largest private collections of Hyper-Cars, will only be accessible to members.
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The video below may assist you in providing brief information on this platform.


Due to a lack of information, it is yet impossible to determine if is legitimate or a scam. Because this project is currently in its early stages. I made every effort to present you with accurate information regarding HyperNFT. At the time of writing, the aforementioned information is available on the internet. As a result, if you like our post about Who is Hyper NFT and its contents, please share it with anybody you want.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who exactly is hyper nft?

Hyper- NFT was built by a small group of hypercar enthusiasts. They choose to join this online group in order to share their passion for the environment. These hypercars are one-of-a-kind and should only be acquired from NFT. The Metaverse can also be used to connect the digital and physical worlds.

Who is dde’s hyper nft?

Hyper-NFTs, or blockchain-based NFTs, integrate the physical and digital worlds. Collectors may take advantage of factory tours, VIP events, special meetings, driving experiences, auto festivals, and other one-of-a-kind locales.

Who exactly is hyper nft dde?

Hyper- NFT was built by a small group of hypercar enthusiasts.

Who exactly is hyper nft?

Hyper- NFT was invented by Thomas Gavache to bring supercars into the Metaverse. These NFT automobiles are constructed using genuine car parts.

How does hyper nft appear?

Hyper- NFT was invented by Thomas Gavache to bring supercars into the Metaverse. These NFT automobiles are constructed using genuine car parts. The main REVV racing supercar NFT R-01 model was acquired for $100,000.

Who owns the hyper nft car collection?

Thomas Gavache is Hyper -NFT’s vehicle collector. He made them with the intention of introducing supercars to the metaverse.

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