Ethereum’s Speculative Action Goes through the Roof as the Merge Edges Closer

Since the merge of Ethereum (ETH) has been awaited with bated breath by the crypto community, the network’s speculative action has skyrocketed. Market insight provider Glassnode explained: “Ethereum speculative […]

China Central Bank Releases Digital CNY Smart Contract Prepaid Fund Management Product

According to the China Financial Association, the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China has launched a digital renminbi smart contract prepaid fund management product – “Yuanguanjia”. […]

Protocol Upgrade to Boost Transactions Speed & Cross-Chain Communcation Security: Algorand

Algorand said the new protocol upgrade would boost its transactions per second (TPS) and cross-chain communication security via state proofs. Algorand is a proof of stake Layer 1.  The blockchain […]