OpenAI Plans to Develop Open-Source Models

OpenAI, the research laboratory behind ChatGPT, is reportedly planning to launch open-source language models amid rising competition.

Lately, transparency has been one of the most demanded factors. And hence various concepts like decentralization and open-source are gaining prominence. Gone are the days of companies using unfair monopoly advantage due to some secret recipe.

OpenAI Tries to Stay Relevant 

According to The Information, OpenAI is preparing to release non-proprietary language models as open source tools compete with ChatGPT. Google’s Bard is a direct competitor to OpenAI.

Last week, Google rolled out its chatbot Bard to over 180 countries.

Open-source is an approach when a particular source code is open to the public to view and modify under some terms and conditions.

How to make open-source contributions

Developers from all over the world can contribute to enhancing the features of an open-source project through platforms such as GitHub.

Will It Lead to More Innovation?

If OpenAI releases an open-source language model, it might accelerate innovation, as the developers can leverage and build upon OpenAI’s source code.

But, the model would not be competitive with its proprietary model, like GPT. The company might have chosen the path to stay afloat amid the rising tide of competition from Google and others.

According to BusinessToday, a leaked letter from a senior Google engineer revealed that open-source artificial intelligence (AI) tools directly threaten Google and OpenAI.

Lastly, non-proprietary code can allow the community to keep an eye on tech giants and ensure that they are not unfairly utilizing the power of their monopoly. The decentralization of code would foster innovation and keep shady practices at bay.

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