Memeinator presale closes $1.4 million as analyst makes a bold Bitcoin prediction

  • Investors have bought $1.4 million of Memeinator tokens up to the 6th presale stage. 

  • The presale could get boosts from an improved crypto sentiment.

  • Memeinator will deliver 132% presale gains and a potential 10x gain on the listing.

Memeinator, an upcoming meme crypto project, has generated over $1.4 million ahead of stage 7. Since initiating a presale, Memeinator has been in demand, building on its promise of weak meme destruction. The use case has increased speculations that Memeinator is set for a robust price jump. The presale also coincides with an improved crypto sentiment that saw Bitcoin rise to near the $38,000 mark. But what does this mean to Memeinator?

Bitcoin could rise to $45,000 – DeFi Research founder 

Markus Thielen, the founder of DeFi Research, expects Bitcoin to maintain its strengths into year-end. According to the analyst, Bitcoin could reach between $40,000 and $45,000. Thielen says a dovish Fed will boost Bitcoin, even as U.S. inflation cooled down last month. 

The analyst also expects options market positioning to be a bullish catalyst. This happens even as the demand for derivatives and call options rises. The demand for call options is a bullish indicator. Thielen notes that there are huge options that expire on November 24 and December 29. The options have $3.7 billion and $5.4 billion open interests outstanding.

Potential gains in Bitcoin boost the overall crypto mood. Altcoins are following the price of Bitcoin. Dogecoin, the leading meme, rose by more than 6% on Thursday, reinforcing the bullish sentiment. The improving sentiment makes new projects like Memeinator attractive as investors shift to risky bets.

Memeinator: A meme crypto seeking to destroy weak rivals

Memeinator is the first crypto project to use a meme-targeting system. The project deploys cutting-edge AI technology to find weak, pathetic, and non-original memes. It then destroys them, leaving only the quality projects.

The emergence of Memeinator responds to an uncontrolled growth of meme tokens. These tokens have failed to give investors value for their money as they are unsustainable. Others are fake tokens that scam investors. 

By taking on the weak memes, Memeinator aims to generate online frenzy and social chatter. The project also invests in heavy branding and marketing to earn popularity. The Memeinator team believes the crucial role will enable the token to hit a market cap of over $1 billion.

Is Memeinator attractive?

Cryptocurrencies, in general, have shown that they deserve the same accolades as any other asset class. In fact, average gains in these assets exceed those of other sectors, such as stocks. It means any quality project can potentially generate high returns for investors.

Memeinator comes into the market when AI is growing in use, and investors are seeking quality investments. This means the project can gain popularity and market value quickly. From a speculative point of view, the token could return by up to 10x, a trend set among meme peers.

In the future, Memeinator aims to derive value from other use cases. These include a game set to be launched after the presale and staking. The team also eyes exclusive NFTs for its community. The use cases increase the strength of Memeinator and could unlock the value of the token.

Should you invest in the Memeinator presale?

Memeinator delivers an attractive 132% ROI throughout its presale. The gains are made possible by the project’s tokenomics, which lets MMTR increase in value at every stage. The presale occurs in 29 stages but is now in the 6th stage. As such, presale buyers have the potential to buy the token and enjoy early gains before listing.

Memeinator’s projected gains will also benefit presale buyers. Tokens, especially memes, generate high liquidity and speculation after listing. Presale buyers have an advantage in capturing early price moves when the token is listed. To learn more about the presale, investors can visit the project’s webpage.

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