How to Bridge From Polygon to Arbitrum

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The fastest and most affordable way to bridge from the Polygon (MATIC) network to the Arbitrum L2 is by going through a bridging protocol. We recommend using Synapse, a multi-chain bridging protocol for Bridge From Polygon to Arbitrum.

Synapse has the lowest fees to bridge and the fastest transaction finality. You can connect your Metamask wallet, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Smart Chain Wallet, and Terra Station Wallet.

Synapse Protocol

A cross-chain protocol called Synapse—previously known as Nerve—allows for seamless blockchain bridging. Synapse has already transferred over $420 million to and from Arbitrum since its launch in late August. Additionally, they support Avalanche, Fantom, BSC, and Polygon ecologies.

Visit the Synapse Protocol website to get started. Select the chain you want to bridge from and to by connecting your wallet (Polygon to Arbitrum in our case). You can exchange between USDC, USDT, DAI, SYN, and USD, which is the stablecoin issued by Synapse. You must first exchange a different token, such as ETH, for one of the accepted coins on a different platform, such as SushiSwap, before you can repurchase it on Arbitrum.

You will then press Bridge Token once you have authorized your wallet to complete the swap. Within a few minutes after the transaction is sent, you will receive the tokens. You can see that Synapse currently levies a transaction fee of 10 USDC for Arbitrum bridges.

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How to Bridge From Polygon to Arbitrum

Best Polygon to Arbitrum Bridge

  • Fastest and most trusted MATIC to Arbitrum cross-chain DEX.
  • Lowest fees and slippage for cross-chain swaps (WETH, USDT & USDC).
  • Synapse Polygon & Arbitrum bridge has the most trading volume in DeFi.

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Where to Bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum

The easiest way to bridge between Polygon and Arbitrum is by going through a trusted cross-chain DEX. With this method, you will be able to transfer ETH, WETH, USDC, USDT, and other tokens from MATIC to Arbitrum or any other network of your choice.

How to Bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum


In this guide, we will provide you with the steps to bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum by using your MetaMask Wallet. The cross-chain DEX we will be using is the Synapse protocol, which is the most popular and safest option to bridge your assets between Polygon (MATIC) and the Arbitrum layer 2 networks.

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You can follow the simple 4-step guide to get started:

  1. Visit Synapse and connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Select Polygon and Arbitrum as the two networks.
  3. Select the token you want to bridge (we use USDC).
  4. Confirm the transaction and wait around 30 seconds for the bridge to complete.

Polygon to Arbitrum Bridging Fees

When bridging between networks, it’s important to remember the fees involved. Generally, you will have two fees (depending on what bridging protocol you use, there could be more than one) and they are the bridging fee and gas (transaction fee).

Synapse however offers the lowest fees out of any bridging protocol. To bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum will cost roughly $ 20 USD which is relatively cheap compared to Arbitrum Bridge which costs around $35 – $40USD to bridge.

Is Synapse Safe?

Yes, Synapse is considered a secure DEX and bridging protocol, they have 24/7 customer service available on both Telegram and Discord. For more details on their support, please visit their contact page.


Try the bridges if you want to connect Polygon to Arbitrum or another cross-chain variation. As shown in the images, some platforms charge a lower fee than others at times, so experiment with them to find the best deal.

I personally own $SYN because I’ve used Synapse since it was Nerve and think the developers are excellent. They are also backed by leading venture capital firms such as 3AC, CMS Holdings, and Alameda. In the future, I may consider purchasing CELR.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What differentiate Arbitrum from Polygon?

The security system is the main distinction between Arbitrum and Polygon. Without a separate token, Arbitrum is protected by the Ethereum base layer. In order to receive a reward for validating transactions, stakers lock up the MATIC token in Polygon’s proprietary Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

How do you bridge a crypto with a Polygon?

Go to the deposit tab and select the required token you want to bridge to send your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon. Click Transfer after entering the amount. Click to continue after reading the notes on the following page. The next step is to click continue after agreeing to the estimated gas costs.

How long does the transition to Arbitrum take?

Approximately 10 minutes to 1 hour Depending on the amount of network traffic, it should take the transaction between 10 minutes to 1 hour to reach Arbitrum One after it is submitted.

Is Matic and Polygon crypto the same?
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The Matic Network launched in 2020 and has drawn some of the biggest names in the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, including MakerDAO and Decentraland. In February 2021, The Matic Network changed its name to Polygon.

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