Ghostface Killah Ordinals drop today, Women & Weapons… violent? NFT Collector

Be quick: Ghostface Killah drops free-to-mint music-infused Ordinals

NakaPepes has tuned in with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Rare Scrilla and Ordinals Bot to airdrop 10,000 music-infused Bitcoin Ordinals on April 11 (about an hour after this story is published).

NakaPepes’ North American-based team, Teddy Bitcoins, Jimmy Toussaint and Mumbling Bearded Freak, are the lead creators and executive directors behind the famous rapper inscribing his latest tracks on the Bitcoin network.

“We have always tried to pay homage to Bitcoin history and culture in our collections. What better way to combine these two than one of the premier Bitcoin artists collabing with one of the most iconic cultural figures in recent decades?” says NakaPepes. 

Ghostface Killah x Rare Scrilla NFT drop. (X/OrdinalsBot)

NakaPepes expresses how these free-to-mint collectibles are Open Editions, owing to the drop’s limited supply, with one piece of art and music attached. 

“It is the original NFTs on Bitcoin where both Scrilla and Ghostface started in the NFT space,” the team adds.

Interestingly, these NFTs open up novel avenues for owners, who will gain Creative Commons (CCO) rights. This means they can build, use and share Ghostface Killah’s music however they wish, provided it’s utilized in the blockchain space. 

NakaPepes brings Wu-Tang Clan member’s music to the Bitcoin blockchain
NakaPepes brings Wu-Tang Clan members’ music to the Bitcoin blockchain. (X/stonedfrog.sats)

NakaPepes also emphasizes its latest venture, “Ordistorians,” which “brings together different Bitcoin artists from all over the world in a curated art project on Ordinals.” 

Artists currently featured in the Bitcoin-based art hub include Scarce.City, TIZAR BERANDALAN, Remster and Isaac Oluwatimileyin, with more talent in the pipeline. 

As a nod of appreciation, all NakaPepes and Ordistorian holders, among others, will receive whitelist access for the forthcoming Ghostface Killah airdrop, which will debut in just days. 

The weapons are violent — the message isn’t: Women and Weapons

Women and Weapons’ artist, Sparky
Women and Weapons’ artist, Sparky. (X/Women and Weapons NFT)

Sara Baumamm (Sparky), the creative mind behind Women and Weapons (WaW), is an artist advocating for real-world utility and change through NFTs.

Though some viewers may initially perceive WaW’s artworks as expressing violence, owing to showcasing images of women holding weapons a bit too close to faces and necks for comfort, the hidden agenda of these digital assets is, in fact, the opposite. Or at least different.

“Through juxtaposing the harsh imagery of weapons with traditional femininity, the WaW collection delves into the inherent strength and symbolic power of women, exploring the deeper, often unseen, forces they wield in their daily lives,” Sparky explains.

Since WaW’s 2021 debut, the project has witnessed notable success. Early sales donated $170,000 to the Malala Fund to aid women’s education, with secondary sales currently amounting to an impressive $18.8 million on OpenSea and still expanding. 

As an avid NFT collector herself, Sparky has a collection of NFTs that align with WaW’s ethos, like World of Women (WoW) and VeeFriends, in her wallet. 

A thought-provoking Women and Weapons piece
A thought-provoking Women and Weapons piece. (OpenSea)

WaW also spotlights individual artists’ works via its “WaW Patron Wallet” and X (Twitter) account to foster a vibrant community of creators and supporters — ones “doing good in the world and being good to others.”

“We’ve been lucky enough to watch some really incredible relationships and friendships form through our community spanning generations, distance and culture,” she concludes.

NFTs sprout 117,000+ trees and counting

Since 2013, The Sandbox has been working alongside WeForest. Through the collaboration, The Sandbox users can purchase NFTs, with 100% of sales going toward a real-world tree being planted. 

Per WeForest data, over 117,870 trees have been sown across Madagascar, Ethiopia and Brazil since joining forces. 

Aptly timed for International Mother Earth Day on April 22, their latest initiative, “Path to Glory,” is set to make more woodlands thrive. 

Throughout this metaverse event, each Ethereum-based “NFT Seed” that is planted will encourage the growth of a physical tree in the great outdoors. 

“As a platform, we want to add meaning by supporting causes that have a positive impact on the physical world and touch our sustainability… Path of Glory achieves exactly that,” comments The Sandbox chief operating officer Sebastien Borget. 

According to recent data, a whopping 15 billion trees are chopped down each year. So, every little bit helps. 

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In other news 

— Alongside expanding its virtual realm with a star-studded music/movie initiative set for this summer, Doodles unveils season 1 of its “Space Mission,” whereby “mysteries and treasures await those bold adventurers.” Available for holders of Doodles OG NFTs only. 

— In market cap ranks, Bored Ape has dropped to fourth place, with two recently launched Bitcoin Ordinals projects, Runestone and NodeMonkes, taking the forefront. CryptoPunks remains the top dog, with what appears to be an unbeatable market cap of $1.52 billion.

— During its pre-alpha demo test, Nyan Heroes tempted players with Solana NFT rewards to move up its game’s ladder. As a consequence, this feline-driven combat adventure took to Twitter to announce garnering over 10,000 players and downloads within just 10 days through “sweet loot.”

— Following past NFT-based successes, Avenged Sevenfold tunes into the blockchain yet again. This time around, its Web3 loyalty program, “Season Pass,” innovates fan engagement by granting tangible and digital rewards through on-chain initiatives.

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