Chancer presale nets more investors with the addition of ETH and USDT buying options

  • Chancer is revolutionizing the betting industry by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.
  • Chancer presale now allows investors to use ETH, USDT, BUSD, and BNB.
  • Currently, CHANCER is selling for $0.01.

Stage one of the Chancer presale has hit $823,011 days after it added Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) buying options to complement the current BNB and BUSD options. The addition of the two crypto options makes the project appeal to millions more blockchain aficionados and is likely to accelerate their presale.

In just four weeks, Chancer, which was initially hailed as one of the most interesting cryptocurrency ventures of 2023, has raised nearly $1 million. Chancer is a new blockchain initiative that is upending the online gambling industry.

Opening the door for Ethereum and Tether ecosystem

Ethereum is valued at an astounding $240 billion, making it the second-largest coin in the world by market valuation after Bitcoin. The addition of ETH was a very wise business move on the part of the project team given that there are over 238 million ETH holders worldwide.

ETH token holders will now have the opportunity of purchasing the new CHANCER token

Most blockchain presales use USDT and ETH for their presales and Chancer has just joined the list.

Why investors are flocking to the new betting platform

Chancer is developing the world’s first decentralized social predictive markets platform. The new betting platform will allow Chancer token holders to create, participate in, and profit from their very own predictive markets based on their interests, expertise and social opportunities. Interested parties can purchase the CHANCER tokens here.

By “removing the house” and capturing a portion of the market, the project seeks to disrupt the worldwide gaming and betting industry while attracting attention by upending the established bookmaking and betting business model.

Chancer is attracting thousands of investors from both the cryptocurrency and betting sectors thanks to its innovative use of Google’s WebRTC technology, which enables users to create their own odds and bets and then broadcast these to a global audience who can participate in live bets. Many anticipate that the project holds great potential given its rapid progress through its early stages including the currently rapidly selling presale.

It is obvious why Chancer is attracting thousands of investors from the cryptocurrency and betting sectors with its innovative approach to online betting that allows users to create their own odds and their own bets and then broadcast these to a global audience who can participate in live bets. Many anticipate that this token will sell out quickly at its current price of $0.01 and given how quickly the project is moving through its early stage.

Adam and Paul Kelbie, the company’s founders, are actively interacting with their audience as well as a number of prominent influencers in the blockchain, gambling, sports, and online gaming areas. They are supported by a devoted group of ‘Chancers’ who are spreading the word about their original concept. This might quickly take on the role of P2P social betting.

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