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In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, BTSE has emerged as a boutique digital asset exchange that sets new standards for excellence and innovation.

Established in 2018 by an elite team of ex-Wall Street traders and programmers, BTSE has quickly gained recognition as a trusted platform for its derivatives offerings and commitment to developing quality trading products. 

With a strong focus on technology and a mission to bridge traditional finance with digital asset solutions, BTSE caters to both beginner and advanced traders, offering a secure and user-friendly platform along with a range of advanced features.

BTSE’s user-friendly trading platform

BTSE’s platform provides a secure and user-friendly environment for buying, trading, selling, and earning cryptocurrencies. 

With advanced proprietary trading technologies and a robust, self-hosted infrastructure, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of financial services. Whether you are a spot trader, a futures trader, or seeking OTC services, BTSE has you covered.

BTSE stands out among its competitors with its advanced features for futures trading. The platform offers leveraged futures trading with up to 100x leverage, enabling traders to amplify their potential returns. Features such as trading grid bot, TWAP, and OCO orders cater to more advanced traders, though an upcoming futures copy trading platform will enable users to learn from the leading traders in the industry. 

BTSE is renowned for its all-in-one multi-currency order book feature, in which liquidity for different trading pairs of a particular base currency is combined into one book. For example, orders for ETH/USD and ETH/JPY are combined into one book, enabling deeper liquidity when compared to regular order books. 

BTSE also offers automated and customizable margin call notifications. Customizable alerts are designed to mitigate liquidations for BTSE traders; users can program alerts to occur at certain intervals or when certain margin thresholds are reached in order to make more timely trading decisions. 

You can sign up for a BTSE account here.

Newly launched referral commission program

BTSE’s revamped referral commission program and intuitive interface enable users to profit by referring their friends, giving them a generous 35% cut of new user trading fees. “Super users”, traders, and influencers who are able to introduce large numbers of users or niche communities are eligible for even higher commissions, pending approval from BTSE’s business development team. 

Revolutionizing trading with cutting-edge technology 

At BTSE, technology lies at the heart of its operations. BTSE’s founders hail from tech-centric backgrounds and utilized their expertise to develop innovative trading solutions that have been adopted by many industry players. 

The platform’s proprietary technology enables lightning-fast execution and supports up to one million trades per second, ensuring seamless trading experiences even during periods of high market activity. Such robustness can be attributed to BTSE having all of its systems and infrastructure developed and hosted in-house; the exchange boasts a track record of zero downtime since its launch in 2018.

BTSE goes beyond being just an exchange. With its B2B arm, BTSE Enterprise Solutions, the platform assists others in building their own exchanges by leveraging its proprietary technology.

This offering enables businesses to leverage BTSE’s expertise and infrastructure, providing a turnkey solution for launching a crypto exchange that comes complete with token listings, market makers, payment gateways, and more.

BTSE’s enterprise services ensure seamless integration, enhanced liquidity, and customized trading solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Furthermore, BTSE has a global presence with offices in Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. The platform caters to both institutional and retail traders worldwide, offering comprehensive trading services. 

BTSE has gained recognition within the industry, receiving accolades such as the Best Crypto Trading Technology award from Entrepreneur Middle East magazine.

The BTSE Card: Bridging the gap between crypto and traditional fiat

BTSE is set to launch its latest offering, the BTSE Card, which will further enhance the user experience for traders seeking to spend their crypto in the real world. The BTSE Card is an upcoming EUR-based card that enables users to seamlessly convert and top up their card balances using cryptocurrencies. 

This innovative feature bridges the gap between traditional fiat currencies and digital assets, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience in managing their finances. With the BTSE Card, users will be able to spend their cryptocurrencies directly in the real world, unlocking the purchasing power of their digital assets.

Whether it’s everyday expenses or special purchases, the BTSE Card empowers users to utilize their crypto holdings effortlessly. Stay tuned for the launch of the BTSE Card as BTSE continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the crypto industry.


Staking and trading incentives

BTSE rewards its users through a VIP program and staking options. The VIP program offers fee reductions based on trading volume and BTSE token holdings. 

Additionally, users can stake BTSE tokens to enjoy benefits such as 0% maker fees and rebates on trading fees. These incentives aim to provide additional value to traders and foster loyalty within the BTSE community.

As for other Earn products, BTSE offers up to 9% APY on USD-denominated stablecoins such as USDT and USDC, 2.75% APY on Bitcoin, and up to 37% APY on altcoins. These juicy yields are higher than many other offerings across the industry and are an attractive option for patient buy-and-hold investors.

BTSE prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 support to address any queries or concerns promptly. Its newly released chatbot, named Selene after the moon goddess from Greek mythology, also provides valuable support for frequently asked questions. Upcoming customer servicing features include a live chat option capable of providing urgent customer support. 

Conclusion: BTSE – your go-to exchange for secure and innovative trading 

BTSE has established itself as a reputable boutique crypto exchange with a strong focus on technology and a mission to develop quality trading products for traders of all levels. 

Its founders’ tech-centric backgrounds and the platform’s commitment to innovation have propelled BTSE to the forefront of the crypto industry. 

With its secure and user-friendly platform, advanced features for futures trading, and comprehensive suite of financial services, BTSE aims to redefine the way individuals and businesses engage with digital assets. 

Join BTSE today to experience secure, low-fee trading with an exchange that combines cutting-edge technology, a user-friendly interface, and a commitment to customer satisfaction!

You can sign up for a BTSE account here.

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